So the title of this post should have been:

If You Have Money, This Post is for You

Obviously, my fingers are much smarter than I am.

Historically, I am crap at blogs, websites, social media. But now…


Stories So Bad You Can’t Not Read Them


But that’s not all!

Even more eye ball-gouging fun can be had if you subscribe to my email list.

Email List

Because every Friday I will be sending out a terrible story…So bad it’s good…that won’t appear on this blog.

Why the verbal torture? Haven’t words been subjected to enough abuse?

No, they haven’t. Because from June 18 to July 28, Clarion West is having their annual fundraiser and I am collecting sponsors.

I am collecting sponsors

Help Clarion West bring new and diverse voices to the world of speculative fiction by sponsoring me.

Sponsor Me

Or sponsor someone else. Whatever.


The point is that each day of the Clarion West Write-a-thon, I will be posting a raw, freshly-unearthed and still-dripping piece of flash fiction for your consumption.

Follow the blog or the twitter for when the thing starts. Or come back on June 18.

In case you don’t know about Clarion West, it’s a 6-week high-intensity writing workshop for people who are serious about monsters and aliens and robots and in my case, weird shit that makes no sense. It was a life-changing opportunity for me and this fundraiser helps it be a life-changing opportunity for other people.

In case you read this far and want another link…

Sponsor Me

Anyway, that’s it. Sorry to monkey owners. Get to you next time.

Edmonton-based writer of scifi, fantasy, horror, and other weird fictions. No publication credits. Read at your own risk.

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