The spell weaver must find all the ingredients, without attracting attention, and perform each step wearing the name of the ghost beneath his collar.

Eleven drops of blood freshly drawn, and the feathers of a baby bird, combine inside a pot with broth of old bones.

Pick three apples, that have grown upon a graveyard tree.

Gather wasps’ Honey, enough to fill a large thimble twice and again.

Milk a mother bat for six nights, (ad to pot); simmer the mixture for the time it takes to learn a poem of no more than fifty couplets.

Pour three drops onto a white stone and leave upon a scrubbed table positioned in a room well-lit with sun.

if all has been done correctly, after a day and a night the white stone will have crumbled into a fine black powder. Brush the powder into a wide-mouthed jar and place the jar somewhere cool. Clean the table well and give it ample time to dry, then set another stone upon it.

Once the jar is filled to the three-quarter mark, take it on a windy day to the top of a barren hill and allow the wind to scatter the powder. You may shake the jar, but do this no more than six times.

When no more powder remains, go home and prepare for bed. You will have three dreams: the first, a memory of childhood; the second, revelations concerning secrets kept from you by those you trust; and the third a premonition of your death.

Do not rise when you awaken until you have heard three crows caw. Once the third caw sounds and you rise from bed, then, no matter what, the ritual is completed. It cannot be reversed.

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