No More Buts

I started to write this post (not this post—a post) and I realized I use the word “but” a heck of a lot. I wanted to know what that means. Does it mean I over think everything? I’m going to research this and see what ye olde internet says.

Hi, internet. Question for you: What does it mean when you use the word "but" every third sentence?

Answer ((several searches later): It means that you’re dwelling on stupid and insignificant details. Get to the point.

Man, internet, why so rude?

To test if the internet is right, here’s an example from my last post:

“I don’t remember where I encountered the idea, but somewhere along the line, a thought has entered my head and taken up residence.”

Yeah. I mean, who cares that you have a terrible memory? Somewhere along the line a thought entered your head. Happens all the time. Who knows where these thoughts come from? Aliens, probably.

“I don’t think fear is the only significant quality, but I’m just going to talk about fear right now.”

Ooooh, look whose afraid of just talking about fear?

“I can see where I’m going with this, but I don’t expect anyone else will.”

Say it with me: “I don’t expect anyone else can see where I’m going with this.”

Well. That was fun and I learned something. Sorry if you didn’t.

Edmonton-based writer of scifi, fantasy, horror, and other weird fictions. No publication credits. Read at your own risk.

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