About Me

Welcome to my blog. If you’ve read this page before and are thinking something’s changed, you are right. I accidently deleted it because I am *that* good with technology.

If you’re new, welcome. My name is Garret. I live near Edmonton where it snows a lot.

I’m blind thanks to a pair of tumours I had when I was three. One of them took out my optic nerve, the other a kidney. I can read braille but prefer to listen to audio books.

I have a guide dog who is hopefully featured in the image on this page. If he’s not in the image because I am *that* good with technology, imagine a Labrador retriever. You know, four legs, a tail, dog-shaped.

The Writing

While at the University of Alberta getting a totally-useful English degree, I wrote a play called “When A Tree Falls,” about a talking squirrel, a neurotic tree, and an incoming chainsaw. It was put on at the InspiraTo Festival in Toronto and won an Audience Choice Award. We can call this my first writing success.

My second writing success came while back at university studying communications. This one got me into Clarion West, a six-week workshop for people serious about writing fiction.

I  write novels, stories and plays. They’re mostly pretty terrible. One day they’ll be good.

Until then, stay in touch.

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Edmonton-based writer of scifi, fantasy, horror, and other weird fictions. No publication credits. Read at your own risk.